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At Schetzer Papaleo we pride ourselves as expert family and relationships lawyers that are here to work with you.

We understand the sensitive nature of separation and family law matters and aim to provide you with pragmatic, tailored advice in order to achieve a fair and optimal outcome for you.

With over 65 years combined experience we are leaders in the industry and offer services specialising in divorce, financial separation, parenting arrangements (custody) and financial agreements (pre-nuptial agreements). We work with you to find solutions focusing on settlements via negotiation, collaboration and encouraging a decision that is in everyone’s best interest. We also work closely with many recognised experts in the field of family law including counselors, psychologists, accountants and financial advisors in order to provide you the best advice possible

We have experience in dealing with international clients and clients of various cultural backgrounds. We also have vast experience in litigation and niche areas of family law including matters relating to IVF treatment, setting aside financial agreements, alienation cases and Hague convention cases.

Property settlements

We can assist you with your property and asset division, superannuation splits and spousal maintenance.

Separation and divorce

We can assist during these periods and advise as to your rights.

Custody (parenting arrangements)

We can assist you in reaching an agreement that is in the children's best interest.

Court proceedings

We can assist you in proceedings in the Family Court, the Federal Circuit Court, the Children's Court and the Magistrates' Court.

Financial Agreements (including pre-nuptial)

We can assist with Financial Agreements, including "prenups".

Intervention Orders

We can assist with applications for Intervention Orders for Applicants, Respondents and children, including those brought by the police.


We can assist, with the engagement of a third party expert mediator to achieve a negotiated settlement for parenting and/or financial matters.

Round table conferences

We pride ourselves on seeking to achieve agreements amicably and inexpensively. We regularly organise round table conferences to seek to avoid litigation, narrow the issues in dispute and/or seek to reach an agreement.

Independent Children's Lawyer

We are regularly appointed by the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court to represent the best interests of a child or children. That is particularly the case in circumstances where serious allegations have been made and/or there is high conflict.

Same sex couples (LGBTIQ+)

We work with parties to a same sex relationship, who face the same issues when separating as all others. We can advise you on your rights as a party to a same sex relationship.

The rights of grandparents

We can assist you in reaching agreements that are in your grandchildren's best interests, including the grandchildren spending meaningful time with you.

International family law

We work with families whom are split across international borders on matters related to property, child abduction and Hague convention

Estate Planning and elder law

We can assist with the drawing up of your Will and Powers of Attorney, and in circumstances where you require an administrator and/or guardian.

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