About us

At Schetzer Papaleo Family Lawyers we pride ourselves as expert family and relationship lawyers.

We understand the sensitive nature of separation and family law matters and aim to provide you with accurate, pragmatic and tailored advice so as to achieve the optimal outcome for you.

We are leaders in the industry and offer services specialising in divorce, property settlements, maintenance, parenting arrangements (custody), financial agreements (pre-nuptial) and child support. We work with you to find solutions and to produce an outcome that is in your best interest. Whilst we are expert litigators, we are also skilled negotiators and collaborators. We work closely with recognised experts in the field of family law including leading barristers, accountants financial advisors, child psychologists and counsellors in order to provide you the best possible advice.

We have vast experience in litigation and niche areas of family law including matters relating to IVF treatment, setting aside financial agreements, alienation cases and Hague convention cases. We also have experience in dealing with international clients and clients of various cultural backgrounds.

David Schetzer

Senior Partner
Accredited Family Law Specialist

Andrew Papaleo


Jodylee Bartal

Accredited Family Law Specialist

Louise Dorian


Allison Rooney


Daniel Myers

Special Counsel & Mediator

Kerry Ktenas


Danie Mellas


Sarah McAloon

Assistant - Legal & Business Development

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