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Grandparents’ Rights

We can assist you in reaching agreements that are in your grandchildren’s best interests, including the grandchildren spending meaningful time with you.

The law recognises the importance of children maintaining relationships with their extended family members, and of allowing those relationships to continue, even following parental separation.

The Family Law Act recognises that, where it is in their best interests, children have the right to spend time and communicate not only with their parents, but also other family members who are important to them. This may include grandparents, close relatives and members of their extended families.

Sometimes, grandparents (or other members of the extended family or network) may take on a more permanent role in caring for the children. The law recognises the need for close family members to be able to apply for parenting orders in certain circumstances.

This means that if you are a grandparent or other family member who is involved with a child’s care, welfare and development, you may be able to apply for a parenting Order.

To share your family situation with us and to learn more about parenting orders, contact us to book an appointment with one of our family lawyers.

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