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We can assist, with the engagement of a third party expert mediator to achieve a negotiated settlement for parenting and/or financial matters.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process whereby a trained person assists two or more disputing parties to negotiate a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Before resorting to mediation, parties through their lawyers, may have attempted to settle their dispute, but without success. At this stage, a mediator can offer both parties and their lawyers a safe and secure environment in which to take their negotiations to the next level.

A mediator will facilitate a discussion which will explore the issues and concerns of both parties, and help them to collectively identify the options available to resolve their dispute.

Why mediate?

Mediation offers an informal means of resolving disputes without the need for preparation of expensive documents, and without the need to attend Court. There are a lot of benefits to mediation, including:

  • Mediation takes place at a time and location to suit all parties.
  • Mediation offers an opportunity for parties to tailor the process of resolving their dispute to their particular needs and circumstances.
  • Mediation is private.
  • Mediation usually costs much less than court litigation.
  • When required, the presence of a lawyer during mediation ensures that a party receives independent legal advice and has their rights protected throughout the process.

To discuss how meditation can benefit and/or resolve your dispute, contact us to book an appointment with one of our family lawyers.

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