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Confirmed: Everything is going up!

Are you thinking what we’re thinking – everything is going up?!  Your Netflix subscription, your mortgage repayments, the electricity bill, the price of petrol and the cost of iceberg lettuce.  And Australia’s Divorce Rate.

The Covid19 pandemic certainly took its toll on relationships.  Almost 200,000 divorce applications have been filed in the past 2 years.  That’s 400,000 people; the highest number in over a decade. 

That figure does not include people living in de facto relationships who have experienced relationship breakdown.  2021 census data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week revealed 11.5 per cent of people are in a de facto relationship.

One thing that’s going down is people’s savings, including superannuation savings which have suffered from the biggest losses in over a decade.  A mere coincidence?  No.  Financial stress is one of the biggest contributors to relationship stress.

If you have experienced separation, or you are contemplating separation, obtaining specialist family law advice early can assist in minimising the financial impact of separation and divorce.  Seeking advice in relation to the likely range of entitlements and understanding your options to resolve matters, by negotiation, mediation, or litigation (when required) is the best way to move through the family law system with confidence.  Being informed greatly reduces the stress associated with separation.

Our Team at Schetzer Papaleo Family Lawyers are committed to the early resolution of disputes and encouraging clients to consider the cost implications of decisions they make.  We work with experts such as psychologists, accountants, financial planners and valuers to fully support our clients in achieving best possible outcomes.

Our senior team of lawyers, David Schetzer, Jodylee Bartal and Andrew Papaleo can provide you with the right advice.  Call us on 03 8602 2000 to speak to one of them.

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