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5/170 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Working with you

We understand how difficult it is for everyone right now.  We are now over half the way through the stage 4 restrictions and remain confident in getting you through the legal maze through these uncertain times.

Whilst they will continue to apply until at least 13 September 2020, nothing has changed as to how we manage your matter and any associated Court proceedings.

How to interact with us.  Our office hours remain extended (8am-6pm Monday to Friday).  Shreya, Sarah and Allison are working fast to get your phone calls and messages to your lawyer.  Sometimes you might experience a short delay in us responding to your call.  Rest assured we will respond. 

COVID-19 is teaching us more about technology and how we use it.  If anything, we have developed a greater understanding as to how to effectively use our technology to manage your matter, and we are set up very well in that regard.

All of our files are stored electronically and our IT support is second to none.  Despite missing the daily interactions around the office, we have adapted really well to working remotely.  We check in with each other daily, and access real time notes saved on files to our document management system so that we are all kept up to date.

Courts are adapting well too.  All court hearings and mediations are still proceeding electronically.  The Courts are adapting well to the use of technology and running hearings via Microsoft Teams or telephone.  From our perspective, the Courts have adopted a pragmatic and efficient manner in which they have dealt with our clients’ matters and have encouraged lawyers to seek to narrow the issues before hearings.

For those experiencing family violence, the Magistrates’ Courts are open.  Applications for Intervention Orders can be filed online and Andrew is able to attend the hearings to appear for our clients.  Electronic hearings are also being introduced to expedite the process. Please be well aware that if you are experiencing family violence, you can leave your home and should do so to protect yourself and/or your child/children.

Just because you cannot see us, does not mean we are not here.  If you would prefer to see your lawyer face-to-face, it can be easily arranged.  David, Andrew and Kerry are happy to meet with you via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Sometimes seeing them face to face can be a comfort.

Need non-family law help?  We belong to a broader non-legal community of people who we trust and can assist you with any business, commercial or leasing advice, property law and conveyancing, financial advice, brokerage, mental health and supports (children, adolescents, adults and family therapy).  Don’t hesitate to contact us if would like further details.

Our values remain the same.  Our aim is to have your matter resolved quickly, efficiently and as cost effective as possible.  You can be confident that our quality advice and attention to our clients will continue.  

Tackling the future together.  Once these restriction have eased, we will all be experiencing a fair amount of uncertainty as we slowly transition back to “normal life”.  Some of you will encounter bigger obstacles than others.  We are here to help you adapt as best we can.  We want our working relationship with you to be as strong and as productive as always.

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