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Hello Prenup!

David Schetzer, Senior Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist uncovers American site Hello Prenup and warns of the dangers of not seeking legal advice.

You’ve gotta love America.

The country that has given us fast food, fascinating presidents, an appreciation of AK-14s and all things disposable, now offer a “do it yourself” online pre-nup.

Welcome to Hello Prenup.

Hello Prenup invites you and your fiancé to “follow the prompts”, “fill out the necessary information” and “with a click of a button, download your comprehensive and customised pre-nuptial agreement”.

What could be easier and best of all “no attorneys are required to create your pre-nup”.

A recipe for disaster!

Although all too often we adopt trends from America, including the concept of a “pre-nup”, we have the protection of laws to ensure that parties, before seeking to enter into a pre-nup, have received independent legal advice as to the effect of such an agreement of their rights and the advantages and disadvantages resulting from the making of the agreement.

A pre-nup can last for many, many years and could have the ability to detrimentally impact upon a party.

We are fortunate that our laws offer protection to individuals and ensure that rights cannot be taken away by a “click of a button”.

There are many reasons why people entering into a relationship or marriage, or during the course of such a relationship or marriage, should seek the benefit and protection of a pre-nup.

Our team of experienced lawyers can assist you in such matters.

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